Coaching with Gail - Life Coaching - Westville - Kzn

Physical Address: Westville, Durban

Contact Person:  Gail Whitear

Telephone:  078 431 3905



Services: Private and Corporate Coaching, Motivational talks,  Self development Workshops for Corporate.

I am a Christian Life Coach.
I believe that first and foremost that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Too many Christians are living a life from a human being perspective seeking a spiritual experience.  I am passionate about helping people to turn that around.
Imagine living life rooted firmly in a spiritual identity.  Our spiritual identity is limitless where our human identity is limited.  The reality is that we are both but which one is leading your life?
The world view is designed to get you to focus on that which is seen including your humanness. Gods will for us is to focus on that which is unseen.
To focus on the unseen means we transcend the seen and see the reality of its limited power over us.
The question is how do we practically and simply apply that and get a handle on what limits us so that we can remove it?
Coaching is about removing what limits us so that we can move forward and achieve what we need to.
From a Christian perspective I am called to help people remove the limitations of their human side in order to live and release their spiritual potential.
If we focus more intentionally on God and our spiritual connection to Him, then we will bring our flesh into submission. We will recognise its limitations as well as its potential and learn to bring it into alignment with God's will.
Life Coaching is a brilliant tool to help people to simply and practically apply biblical principles to reach their spiritual potential in a meaningful way.