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Contact Person: Tracey Olivier

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So what is KBN all about?

Creating a space where Christian business people can showcase their companies, network and be inspired by gifted speakers. We do business in a relactional way, which means we transact on the basis of strong relationships.With Jesus at our center, we strive for a culture of honour, encouragement, excellence and ethics.
KBN has been running since 2009 and has networking groups in the Westville and Durban North areas.

It is a Business meeting, where Christian business people can be encouraged, inspired and equipped on how to do business with the Kingdom in mind.

Each meeting features a 30-minute talk on a topic that will help you build your business - plus lots of great networking time over coffee and breakfast.

Mission - Encourage, Inspire, Ignite & Equip

  • To grow, equip and encourage Christian business owners;
  • To extend God's Kingdom by using our unique marketplace gifting to bring finances into our local churches and communities;
  • To give exposure to each member's product or service so that we can support and refer business to one another; and
  • To create a culture of excellence, accountability and integrity in Business.

Humble Beginnings

In February 2009, Tracey Olivier called a small group of people to the very first meeting of Kingdom Business Networking. It didn't have a name at that stage - we were just a bunch of Christian business owners who were keen to connect. Being a team player, Tracey was really battling in this lonely role of Business Owner. At that first meeting, something was sparked. Those that came were encouraged, and we started to keep our ears and eyes open for business and referrals for each other.

Every meeting brought new people. One of the wonderful things Tracey started to see was the unity and friendships that started to form across denominations, industries and race. We believe this was because people were connecting first on a business level and then a Christian level. From these small beginnings, KBN has grown exponentially, and is transforming lives and businesses to the glory of God.

Membership Benefits

  • Members enjoy discounted prices on all KBN meetings and events;
  • Members may advertise their company in more detail at a KBN meeting during the "Member 10-minute Highlight" slot, upon list rotation;
  • Members may be listed in the KBN Member Directory on the KBN Connect website;
  • Members may place flyers, pamphlets and/or products on the tables at KBN meetings;
  • Members may request one table to display their products at a KBN meeting;
  • Members have access to the KBN Attendance List information, upon request;
  • Members have their business referred by other members;
  • Members have the opportunity of being a guest speaker at KBN meetings.

Code Of Conduct:

  • I will operate my business with honesty and integrity as best I can.
  • I will participate and regularly attend the KBN meetings. I will RSVP for meetings timeously and communicate if plans change and I am unable to make the monthly meeting.
  • I will honour my commitment and word to others in the group.
  • I will extend grace to a fellow KBNer who makes a mistake and extend a hand to help them up again.
  • I will be open and teachable to others' counsel and advice when I make a mistake or overstep a boundary.
  • I will seek to support and refer my fellow KBN members.
  • I will hold myself accountable to KBN for the way I conduct my business and my relationships I form through the meetings.
  • I will endeavour to grow the network group by sharing my experience with others and by inviting my business acquaintances to the meetings.
  • I will endeavour to shine my light and bring glory to God in my personal and business capacity.

The 2014 Annual Membership Fee is R600.00.

For more information about membership, venues and to receive our monthly networking and newsletter invite, please contact us:

Join a Networking group
that is serious about Business
and being unashamedly ethical!

Keeping Jesus Christ
as our centre and foundation

Welcome to CONNECT, a magazine for Christians in the marketplace. Tracey Olivier is an Activator- Speaker-Networker with a passion for small businesses. She founded a monthly networking meeting called Kingdom Business Networking (KBN), whose heartbeat is to connect and encourage Christian small business owners.

At the end of 2009, God dropped the phrase “2010, the year of the pen” into her heart. She had been wondering how to give exposure to all the outstanding businesspeople out there, so she gathered a ‘dream team’ together and before they knew it CONNECT was bursting in all of them.

The heartbeat of CONNECT is to:

  • Encourage, equip, inspire and ignite marketplace Christians to be excellent, relevant and kingdom-minded
  • Connect business owners and customers
  • Grow Christian businesses so we can support our local churches and communities.

Tracey believes that God is stirring a new generation of business people. Ones who understand that work and church are not separate things, but that the work we do is an extension of who we are in Christ – and by doing what we are gifted to do, we can make an impact for His Kingdom.
We trust this magazine will encourage, equip, inspire and ignite you to be better at business and to step up to your calling to become a lighthouse in the marketplace.





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Who are we?

Devoted was launched during July 2011 by a small group of dedicated people who are serious about helping others to live a more fruitful and unforgettable life! Devoted focuses on the things that are important, and we do not keep silent about the things that matter.

Devoted is a “good news” publication. Editorially it consists of inspiring stories that provide hope and guidance; and covers popular topics which cater for a wide targeted audience. We therefore write about lifestyle matters such as faith, health, wellness, business, inspirational people, travel with a purpose and a wide variety of other intelligent and actual topics.

Devoted is committed to:

  • Provide good and informative articles to help people discover real life
  • Provide its readers with a wealth of information and opportunities for personal growth
  • Provide a source of information for a fruitful and unforgettable life
  • Facilitate the building of spiritual strengths
  • Equip and empower people to become better servants of others
  • Speak out and act on social ills that have impacted negatively on societies.


Devoted is currently distributed bi-monthly through Church bookshops and events as well as strategic distribution points in especially Pretoria: Wonderboom airport, consulting rooms of doctors and service providers, advertisers, coffee shops, beauty and hair salons and through special events and business network opportunities.

It is currently also available in print in Kenya and will soon be in Cape Town. We invite other strategic partners who are interested in becoming part of the Devoted family of influence to come on board.

Devoted is also available online (digital on the website). It has and estimated more than 100,000 readers per issue.

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