Kenter Metals - Scrap Metal Recycling - Montague Gardens - WC

Physical Address: 38A Dawn Road, Montague Gardens, Cape Town

Contact Person:  Kenji

Telephone: 021 552 7803




Turn your scrap metal into CASH !!! Best prices paid. Quick in & out. Big loads, small loads all welcome. Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Stainless. Buyers of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Kenter Metals is a modern metal recycling corporation, providing scrap generating clients with
efficient metal recycling solutions.

Re-cycle - Re-new - Re-use

Buyers of Scrap Metals

About Us:

Kenter Metals has evolved into a modern metal recycling corporation, with integrity as its core competitive advantage and focus being to provide scrap generating clients with efficient metal recycling solutions. The company´s primary functions are to collect and sort / process scrap metal, for supplying the secondary re-melt industry with an essential raw material, used in the manufacture of new metal product.

Kenter Metals directors pride themselves for the following:
    • Providing the best service to our suppliers
    • Providing suppliers with competitive prices
    • Managing and developing human resources
    • Continually re-investing in mechanical infrastructure
    • Adhering to the change in the local laws and international

Crime Prevention
Kenter Metals does not tolerate any purchasing of stolen items, nor support of any such actions. We have a close relationship with our local police department in cracking down on criminals.

Metal recycling benefits the environment by preserving the earth´s natural resources, minimizing waste land-fill site impacts and enabling new metal to be manufactured at significantly reduced energy consumption levels, as compared with energy costs associated with converting virgin ore. We are a member of the Metal Recycling Association, and adhere to all current laws and by-laws of the SHGA and recycling laws of South Africa.

Kenter Metals´ health and safety policy:
    • Safety of an individual comes before all other considerations
    • To provide the necessary information, instruction and training, which enables all employees and contractors to understand their responsibilities for Health & Safety, thereby establishing the company as an example within the community
    • To maintain good general working conditions by the provision of adequate facilities.
    • To seek improvement in all areas by integrating safety objectives with operational objectives, supported by Risk Management principals to eliminate the risk of injury. Risk Assessments will be carried out as required & when new equipment is purchased or when jobs change.

The organisation practices an interactive Health & Safety program, with regular consultations between management and elected employee safety representatives, or safety committee members and employees.

Managers and Supervisors are directly responsible for ensuring that:
    • A safe place of work exists
    • A safe systems of work exists
    • Employees are trained in the safe performance of their assigned tasks
    • Each Management representative is accountable for implementing this policy, in their area of responsibility

Employees are expected to:
    • Follow all safe work practices & procedures
    • Report unsafe conditions or practices
    • Suggest improvements relating to Health & Safety
    • Look out for their own safety and the safety of other people at work, including visitors, contractors and suppliers

Services Offered:

Bin Services
Kenter Metals services a 24 hour turn-around time, for storage and transporting the following bulk items:
    • Non Ferrous scrap
    • Ferrous scrap

Special Projects
Kenter Metals has extensive experience in the following special projects:
    • Steel structural demolition work
    • Industrial site clean-up operations
    • Special machinery scrap, we will make sure the technology is scrapped and not passed on to relative competitors
    • On-site cutting.

Weigh Facilities
All branches are equipped with a 3 ton scale, all of which are certified accurate on a regular basis.
Weigh bridge facility is available on request.