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Easy Solar PTY (Ltd) is an independent, South African based company. Our Head Office is in Richards Bay, with a branch in Johannesburg. We are an official distributor of Blueclean Solar Energy Co, Ltd. A well renowned international Solar Water Heating manufacturer with some of the most advanced production lines in the world. They are fully registered with the internationally recognized ISO Quality Management Systems; and comply with the ISO 9001: 2000 requirements.


We are committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction on all our solar systems and services. Most of our products offered to you have CE, Solar Keymark certificates, with SABS approvals on the way. We provide 6 years limited warrantee for all products sold.

Easy-Solar, uses original advanced Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors and stainless-steel water tanks from the best overseas supplier. Together we have mastered the installation technology of environmental friendly; and highly efficient; solar water heating systems.

We supply the widest selection of solar water heating systems available in South Africa, to meet the demands of every customer.

Our experience is backed up by 3 years of Sales and Installations of solar water heaters across Gauteng and North West provinces. During this time we have utilized products sourced from reputable international and local companies in the solar industry. Companies that can back up their claims, and do honourtheir guarantees.
The best judges of Easy-Solar Systems are our customers, who are satisfied by our Product Quality and Service. With an Easy-Solar Water Geyser you will reduce your total electricity bill up to 50%; and will save great amount of money. 

Why not give us a chance to help you SAVE a great deal of your money on geyser electricity consumption?


We stock a wide range of Solar Water Heating Solutions, so that we can help you choose one that is just right for You:

  • Integrated Thermo Siphon Non Pressure Solar Systems, with Direct Water Flow
  • Integrated Thermo Siphon Pressurized Solar Systems, with Indirect Water Flow
  • Integrated Pressurized Solar Systems, with Direct Water Flow
  • Split Active and Passive Pressurized Solar Systems, with Direct Water Flow
  • Split Active and Passive Pressurized Solar Systems, with Indirect Water Flow
  • Geyser Wise Intelligent Controller, for Geyser Electricity Savings
  • Wind up powered torches with high capacity rechargeable batteries, (up to 120 light/hours with one recharge -used for special security and military applications)


Our service includes:

  • Import & Export of Solar Water Heating Systems
  • Wholesale & Retail of Solar Water Heating Systems
  • Design of Solar Water Heating Systems for residential and industrial applications
  • Installation of Solar Water Heating Systems into residential and commercial buildings across Southern Africa
  • Post Installation Service and Maintenance of Solar Water Heating Systems

If you have decided that you want a Solar Water Heating System for your household, please call us for a quotation. We will provide you with the best product available in South Africa, at a very competitive price. Our installation service is professional, and includes an 18 month Plumbing Warrantee; as well as a 5 year Product Warrantee. 

We guarantee you that if you are not satisfied with Easy-Solar geyser efficiency or quality, we will pay back your money and replace our solar geyser with your old traditional geyser without any obligation.