Eagle Fencing - Newcastle

Eagle Fencing - Newcastle - Kzn

Physical Address: 7 Pascal Circle, Newcastle, Kzn

Contact Person: Richard

Telephone: 072 184 4625






D&J Wendyhouses - Newcastle - Kzn

Physical Address: 13 B Faraday St, Newcastle, Kzn

Contact Person: Dawie

Telephone: 078 274 6130

Email: logfurniture@yebo.co.za

Website: djwendyhouses.co.za

Facebook: facebook.com/djwendyhouses1

Twitter: @DJWendyHouses

Toolshed (Knotty Pine)

Toolshed’s can be used for a number of different uses, but mostly they are used for storing tools/gardening equipment. Think of it like a Storage Pod no matter if it’s for a construction business for products like cement, power tools, wheel barrows or even a changing room for the workers, Or maybe you have excess furniture in your home/garage well not a problem any more it also works great for bicycle storage no more tire tread marks and mud all over the kitchen floor (your spouse will love that) Whatever your requirements maybe we have a toolshed to suite your every need.

Toolshed (Louvre Wendy)

Louvre Toolshed’s are the sister version of the Knotty Pine toolsheds which are similar in size and basic design but, There is a louver finish which is various pine planks which is laid over lapping each other and has got much more of a rough rustic finish to it.