St. Joseph's Parish - Catholic - Morningside

Sunday Service Times:  7:30am | 9:15am | 10:55am | 4:30pm | 6:15pm

Physical Address: 212 Florida Road, Morningside, Durban

Telephone:  031 303 1890





The parish began in 1852 by Father Sabon, the first parish priest of Durban. He built the first Catholic church placed under the protection of St.Joseph on the corner Grey street. As the years went by the town’s population increased and he began to make plans for a bigger church and it was not until 1881 that work could be started. It was situated on the thoroughfare of West Street, and the tower could be seen from all parts of the town.

Father Sabon, worn out by hard work, died in 1883. In November 1902 arrangements were made for the removal of the entire building, which has to be rebuilt in Stamford Hill Road, Greyville in 1903 was out of the “country”. The foundation of this St. Joseph’s parish was laid on New Year’s Day 1903, and on the 12th of June 1904, St. Joseph’s was opened for Divine Worship.

As the years passed, Greyville became industrialised and residents moved away. New major road developments were taking place in Durban and a new site for St. Joseph’s was required. It was then the site on Florida Road was purchased and in 1975, the parish moved to the new St. Joseph’s in Morningside. On the 26th of January 1976, the present St. Joseph’s was officially blessed by Archbishop Denis Hurley, OMI. The present church was consecrated by Archbishop (now Cardinal Napier, OFM) on the 3rd of October 1993.