Manning Road Methodist Church

Sunday Service Times:  7:30am | 9:00am | 11:30am Zulu | 6:00pm

Physical Address: 450 Che Guevara (Moore) Road, Glenwood, Durban

Telephone:  031 202 8262




Online Sermons

Justice and Service Ministries:

Evening Meal Ministry – Fiona Knight
Virtually every Sunday of the year at 5pm, MRMC's doors open to the community, as the church welcomes in all who are in need of a meal, fellowship, and a touch of human dignity. This free fellowship meal is prepared by teams from the church, which cook on a roster system. Approximately every six weeks, each team prepares a nutritious, filling meal with tea and coffee and serves it to as many people as possible. Most weeks, approximately one hundred people share in this meal.

Kairos Prison Ministry – John Schneeberger
MRMC supports Kairos in a number of ways, from baking cookies for Kairos weekends, to making children's handprint placemats, to sending team members into the prisons, to attending closing ceremony events to witness the powerful work of God in the lives of prison residents and community members. Training is required to be on a team working in Pietermaritzburg and Westville Prisons, but the reward is great! Contact the office or John to be involved in any aspect of the ministry.

Squares of Love – Cynthia Smith
This group of ladies gathers in the Church Hall to piece together squares of donated fabric, quilting it into beautiful blankets, which are sold and donated to those in need of warmth and colour in the community. Members of this group do not need to now how to sew! Plenty of work exists in cutting and patching, so all can play a part in making these beautiful, prayed over gifts.

Our Core Values

These are the values that we hold dear:

Gospel Integrity
We are servants of God
By placing ourselves under the authority of the gospel, we are accountable to its truth as we preach and teach in order to challenge and grow.
Community Life
Church is about people
We are actively involved in serving and loving one another and the wider community as we listen to the everyday struggles of people and respond with compassion.
Sharing the gospel, starting with our neighbours
We serve our community by reaching out in love to those in need, physically and spiritually, as we share the Good News of Jesus with Glenwood, Durban and the world.
We welcome all people
We welcome and embrace all people, especially striving to make newcomers feel at home as we celebrate diversity as a gift...
Dynamic Approach
Meeting the challenges of a changing world
We are open to changing trends, new ideas and innovative ways of doing things while drawing on the richness of the Christian tradition.