Flying Arrow Holdings - Business Services - La Lucia - Kzn

Physical Address: 14A Oakleigh Avenue, La Lucia, Durban, Kzn

Telephone: 082 928 2987





Our value proposition:

providing the conduit for strategic alliances with a

myriad of professional service providers.

Our primary objective is to connect manufactures, suppliers, vendors and services

to new markets through our value chain to ensure a changed economy

by securing food, job and habitat security.

Flying Arrow Holdings have formed strategic alliances with a number of service providers,

suppliers and vendors which will:

Contribute to the critical success of your core business goals and objectives

Create and maintain strategic choices and mitigate risk to your business.

We offer a number of services to different sectors of the South African industry including but not limited to the following

  • Business Innovation

  • Tendering

  • Franchise

  • Procurement

  • Socio-Economic Development

  • Property

  • Business Training

  • Agricultural





Deo Gloria Family Church - La Lucia

Sunday Service Times:  10:00am

Physical Address: 43 Armstrong Ave (1st Floor), La Lucia , Durban

Telephone:  031 562 8869

Cell:  084 586 0843




Twitter: @dgfcfamily





Language: English

Ministries:  Live Streaming

Our Mission:

To affirm, train, disciple and send every believer into the world, making disciples and leaders; and establishing the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven, through the supernatural power and presence of Christ in the divine order of the Fivefold Ministry ordained by God. (Eph. 4:11 & Matthew 6:10)

Our Vision:

To bring restoration through the healing power of Christ, leading all people into the fullness and wholeness of the abundant life to which we have been called, in and through the supernatural power of Holy Spirit. (Saved, healed, whole) (John 10:10)

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is threefold: We believe all people need to be saved, healed and made whole. In other words: we are all “a work in process”. Our objective is to get people saved through the precious blood of Christ shed on the cross for all of us; To lead people to stand in the promises of God’s word, to bring healing & freedom to all who call on the name of Jesus; We all need healing from brokenness(emotionally & spiritually) through the power of the Holy Spirit; and to bring wholeness, through the sanctifiying power of the Holy Spirit through Christ’s love.