Ruach Pinto Sport Horses - Heidelberg - GP

Physical Address: 36 Fenter Street Heidelberg, GP

Contact Person: Lisa Dixon

Telephone: 082 751 1909




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Ruach Sport horse stud has officially been formed in August 2012 . We are situated in the beautiful Suikerbos Rand area just outside of Heidelberg , Gauteng, in South Africa.

Owning and working with horses has been a passion and dream we have had for many years, culminating in our decision to breed these beautiful animals that we enjoy so much. We aim to breed a versatile Sport Horse that can perform well in any arena as well as be a good family friend and general hack. We use mainly Warmblood Stallions and cross them with our Sport Horse mares, whom are of different breeding, to ensure that sport ability, size and hardiness is maintained.

We recently started a new line of breeding, which is the Quaterhorses and American Paint horses. These horses are mostly used for western riding pleasures as well as general work horses. See EJ Quarter horses and Paints.

Our mares are carefully picked as we want our foals to grow up hardy and strong in their natural environment. Temperament is a very important trait and we find that foals tend to be very much like their mommies.
We believe that horses should grow up as nature intended for them, in their herds, where the young can be taught by the older horses and grow up mentally sound and healthy. This does not mean that our babies are not used to human contact. We interact with them daily and handle them from birth.

Our paddocks are big and spacious with lots of grazing, allowing them to run and play and burn some energy while at it.
Grooming is also a part of our daily routine, even for those horses who sleep out in their paddocks.
All our horses are handled on a daily basis, and schooled for the individual purposes they were bred for or show natural talent and ability for.

The stud is located within a game farm, allowing us to use our horses daily for practical farm work like patrolling game fences, checking up on the game herds, making sure that all animals are healthy and cared for. We enjoy game drives on horse back and frequently hack out just for fun!

Our horses are not just a hobby, but completes who we are.

To God be all the Glory,

Whom gives to us this Blessing to enjoy!!

He is the giver of all life,

the breath of life itself….Ruach!!






Luma Video Productions - Heidelberg - GP

Physical Address: 63 Walker Street, Heidelberg, GP

Contact Person: Dirk Lochner

Telephone: 072 736 2796




About us:

With a career spanning almost 10 years in the field, I acquired training and experience as Audio Engineer, Lighting and Camera Assistant, Camera Operator (video) as well as OB, ENG and Studio Camera Operator. I worked with / for various companies as freelancer and / or contract employee. These include companies such as: Pro Cam Video, Wild Live Africa, Obeco, Show Group, Malapati, Rapid Motion and Ocre Media.

Luma Video Productions offers a comprehensive 360 degree digital video and film service across South Africa. We cover above, below or through the line, corporate video, film, educational media, web, television and mobile… whatever your needs may be…!! We pride ourselves in getting the best results.!! Luma will assist you to reach your customers, find your audience and communicate your message effectively to your target market within your budget and timeframe.

Our services include:

  • Television commercials
  • Corporate DVD’s
  • Instructional videos
  • Films
  • Documentaries
  • Online videos
  • DVD Menu Authoring
  • Covering special events (grand openings and gala events)
  • Expos

Luma can handle everything from storyboarding and scripting to directing and editing.