Gracelife Church - Bluff

Sunday Service Times:  9:00am 

Physical Address:  Durban Academy Hall, 1353 Bluff Road, Bluff, Durban






About Us

Gracelife Church was “officially” planted by Craig and Dawn Glenn at the end of May 2008. After coming into a revelation of the gospel of “by grace through faith” in September 2007, they passionately pursued avenues on how to get this message out. At the end of May 2008 Brad and Farrah-May Dearlove, who at the time were living in Dubai, U.A.E., had come to visit friends and family on the Bluff. Craig set up a series of meetings so Brad could preach the message of grace that had so gripped his heart. Brad had spent a considerable amount of time with Rob Rufus in Dubai as Rob had done a couple of Grace conferences there in their church already…

After the meetings, realizing the hunger for the message of grace and being “absolutely convinced” of its truth, Craig and Dawn (with many a skype call to Dubai!) decided to “go public” because at that time they were only meeting with a handful of faithful “grace-for-lifers” in their lounge every Wednesday night. They approached St Georges Church to find out if they could use their venue for Saturday evenings….their answer was an emphatic yes! Gracelife Church would be the vehicle with which to accommodate and facilitate the Gospel of Gods grace getting out to the Bluff and beyond…

Six months into it, Brad and Farrah once again came out from Dubai and with Wayne and Jennifer Duncan, layed hands on Craig and Dawn and as a result Gracelife Church’s first Eldership couple was ordained…

Its been 5 years and 6 months now since the birth of Gracelife Church and we now meet on a Sunday morning at Durban Academy High school…it has been wild, radical, awesome and at times scary but “…the just shall live by faith…”