COGS Church - Umhlanga Rocks

Sunday Service Times:  9:00am 

Physical Address: Cotton Fields, Umhlanga Rocks

Telephone:  031 563 9605




Twitter: @CogsChurch

Multi-Campus: Durban North

Language: English

Ministries:  Get Involved see the website for many great opportunities.

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COGS is a christian church in Durban North, South Africa.​

We are a group of people who believe the Bible, and who have been reconciled to God, our Father and Creator, through the saving work of God, the Son, whose name is Jesus.

We love to live our lives together, because we believe we have been made in God's image for community living, just as God is three-in-one.

We exist on Earth to continue Jesus' work of reconciling people to God, through the power of God, the Spirit, who is still with us, working in us and through us for this purpose.

COGS has been around since 1901 in various forms, and under various names and leaderships, and still today it is our privilege to be one of the many parts and expressions of God's family in Durban and around the world.

At COGS we enjoy being together with people of all ages, races and types. Our kids worship with us, and enjoy their own relevant teaching at their level. Kids and youth groups get together at various times through the week, ladies gather for their own relational times, as do the men. Grannies and Grampa's enjoy each other's company, and basically we just like to live our lives in relationship with one another. 

But also, we love to bring God's kingdom into the communities around us by community upliftment, counselling the broken-hearted and traumatised, caring for orphans, and so much more. Read up on our various "Projects" and how to "Get Involved" in the menu tabs above.