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The Success Company - Skills Development - Durban - KZN

Physical Address: Durban, KZN

Telephone: 083 454 0273

Email: adele@successco.co.za

Website: successco.co.za

Facebook: facebook.com/thesuccesscompany

Twitter: @adelebenvie

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/1082606?trk

Vimeo: vimeo.com/user12861988

THE SUCCESS COMPANY was established by Adele Benvie in 1999 to serve clients in the area of skills development. The initial focus of the company was on Client Care and related training, which it grew to a national level with great success.

During this time THE SUCCESS COMPANY assisted many of South Africa’s leading companies to improve their company image using professional techniques. The Client Care service offering was not limited to training only, but encompassed all elements of staff development, including team building and inspirational speaking. THE SUCCESS COMPANY took great pride in ensuring that every event was an absolute success for our clients.

With companies requesting help with the many changes in the training world, THE SUCCESS COMPANY went on to launch the Training Advisory and Co-ordination Service - a much more extensive service to our clients in the area of skills development. This was an extremely exciting phase for THE SUCCESS COMPANY as our service offering was able to grow beyond our core skills set and include the service of selected service providers and establish ourselves as skills specialists to assist our clients further

(Personal Development)

  • Individuals are challenged to achieve their personal success goals.

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(Skills Development)

  • The Skills Development Facilitator Service ensures that individuals are more efficient, thus more successful, in their jobs, resulting in increased company productivity and success.

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(Leadership Development and Team Development)

  • The Success Programme takes Leaders and Teams through a process of Leadership, Team Building and Coaching over a period of time to ensure that they work together toward the company goals, thus ensuring the company success. Action plans are implemented each month, ensuring action, thus results.

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