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Who are we?

Devoted was launched during July 2011 by a small group of dedicated people who are serious about helping others to live a more fruitful and unforgettable life! Devoted focuses on the things that are important, and we do not keep silent about the things that matter.

Devoted is a “good news” publication. Editorially it consists of inspiring stories that provide hope and guidance; and covers popular topics which cater for a wide targeted audience. We therefore write about lifestyle matters such as faith, health, wellness, business, inspirational people, travel with a purpose and a wide variety of other intelligent and actual topics.

Devoted is committed to:

  • Provide good and informative articles to help people discover real life
  • Provide its readers with a wealth of information and opportunities for personal growth
  • Provide a source of information for a fruitful and unforgettable life
  • Facilitate the building of spiritual strengths
  • Equip and empower people to become better servants of others
  • Speak out and act on social ills that have impacted negatively on societies.


Devoted is currently distributed bi-monthly through Church bookshops and events as well as strategic distribution points in especially Pretoria: Wonderboom airport, consulting rooms of doctors and service providers, advertisers, coffee shops, beauty and hair salons and through special events and business network opportunities.

It is currently also available in print in Kenya and will soon be in Cape Town. We invite other strategic partners who are interested in becoming part of the Devoted family of influence to come on board.

Devoted is also available online (digital on the website). It has and estimated more than 100,000 readers per issue.

You can also subscribe to Devoted through this website.





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